Reducing by -35% the carbon footprint from the construction of new development projects by 2030*


Apply a
"sober building" approach

Choose alternative, low-carbon materials

Gradually reduce the carbon footprint of construction materials throught procurement policy

Develop targeted partnerships with construction firms and manufacturers of building materials



Implementation of processes for measuring carbon footprint of each project from the conception phase.


Implementation of experimental low carbon solutions in new projects. Establishment of strategic partnerships for low carbon solutions. Selection of new key performance indicators for investment decisions.

2020 - 2030

Update Group guidelines and recommendations for eco-design in Continental Europe. Integration of technological advances in their pilot.

Reducing by -70% the carbon emissions from the operation of existing assets**


Accelerate the Group's energy efficiency policy in Continental Europe

Systematic use of electricity from renewable source


2016 - 2017

Implementation of partnerships with retailers to accelerate and support the on-going transformation.


100% green electricity for all new electricity supply contracts in shopping centres and office buildings. Systematic roll out of 100% LED lighting solutions in the Group's shopping centres in Continental Europe.


Renewable electricity for 100% of the Group's assets in Continental Europe.

2020 - 2030

An obligation for all new retailer leases to install 100% LED lighting solutions and use energy supplied from renewable sources.

"Sephora confirms that all new Sephora stores to be inaugurated within Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield’s owned and managed shopping centres in ContinentalEurope will feature 100% LED lighting installations, in line with the Group's strategy to reduce our energy consumption across the world. Sephora announced that its new store at Forum des Halles-Canopy received a BREEAM certification, with an “excellent” rating – a first for a retailer in France."

Chris de Lapuente, Sephora CEO