A user-centric design process

In Continental Europe, the Group has made a concerted effort to understand the challenges posed by our modern-day work life in order to offer spaces that are innovative and unique–allowing companies to be faster, more connected and to work in a more collaborative manner. The New Art of Working systematically places the end users at the heart of the Group’s office development in Continental Europe.

In 1989, the time a manager was able to devote to an activity before being interrupted was anywhere from six to fifteen minutes. It is now just 90 seconds to four minutes.

Managers face growing challenges, such as attracting and retaining talent, and ensuring flexibility in an ever-changing world. The New Art of Working concept answers these challenges through:



Large, efficient office buildings in prime locations in the Paris central business district and La Défense.



Highly flexible, efficient and effective workspaces.


Human focus:

A focus on individual well-being in the workplace.